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Kouba-Cavallo Associates provides services for new and existing homes. For new construction, we certify homes for the Energy Star Homes program and the federal Energy Efficient Tax Credit provision of the 2005 energy bill. For existing homes, we now provide infrared camera scans of homes as part of our energy audits. Infrared scanning allows one to see cold and hot spots on and in walls and ceilings to more precisely identify energy losses and drafts within the envelope of the home.

An energy or environmental audit of a home can identify the sources of problems that waste energy, create poor indoor air quality, or reduce the comfort that you should feel in your home. Kouba-Cavallo Associates uses up-to-date tools, such as a blower door and infrared camera, to diagnose issues and evaluate opportunities to improve the health, comfort, and energy performance of your home. The cost of an energy audit varies from $350 to $500 depending on the size and complexity of the home. In an energy audit we inspect the insulation levels in your attic, basement, and walls using an infrared camera, examine the mechanical systems to determine their expected efficiencies, do pressure pan tests on the duct system, analyze past energy bills, do a blower door test for air infiltration and a further infrared scan, and develop a report that summarizes the findings and defines cost-effective or comfort improving energy efficiency measures. (Download a brochure on what to expect during an energy audit.)

Home Energy Ratings, or HERS, also can identify energy improvement opportunities. Energy ratings are slightly different from energy audits, but the process described above is largely the same. Energy ratings can qualify homeowners for energy efficient mortgages or energy improvement mortgages. Energy ratings also are a means of qualifying a home for Energy Star Homes certification. Kouba-Cavallo Associates is fully certified to offer home energy ratings under RESNET, the national home energy rating industry association. The cost of a home energy rating depends on the size of the house, but is generally between $600 and $900. (Download a brochure on the energy rating process.)

Builders wishing to certify their homes as Energy Star using the EPA's Builder Option Packages (BOPs) can have their homes inspected by Kouba-Cavallo Associates. Costs range between $550 and $800 depending on the size and complexity of the project. Builders can find information on the BOPs at the link below for the prescriptive approach to Energy Star Homes. (Download a brochure on the energy rating process.)

Information for Potential Energy Star Builders
Performance Approach to Energy Star Homes
Prescriptive Approach to Energy Star Homes
Thermal Bypass Checklist
Support information for the Thermal Bypass Checklist
Indoor Air Package Information
Kouba-Cavallo Associates will analyze your past energy bills to benchmark your energy use for space heating or air conditioning. Benchmarking can help identify whether your home is energy efficient or wasteful. It is useful to determine whether home renovations or appliance replacement will reduce your monthly energy bills. Billing analysis usually costs $35.


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