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Key Personnel:

James D. Cavallo is the principal at Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from New York University. His research focuses on pollution prevention through energy efficiency, the development of healthy affordable housing, and the diffusion of sustainable technologies. He is a past president of the Illinois Economic Association and the former treasurer of the Chicagoland chapter of the Association of Professional Energy Consultants. He has been an associate editor of Home Energy Magazine and is a board member of the Illinois Association of Energy Raters.

Dr. Cavallo has extensive hands-on experience in environmental issues, energy efficiency, and community development. He held a supervisory position at Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO), a major electric utility in Maryland and the District of Columbia. At PEPCO, he evaluated load management and energy efficiency programs, developed testimony for regulatory hearings, and produced an annual long-term forecast of the energy needs of the Washington DC and suburban Maryland communities.

Dr. Cavallo led energy efficiency research in existing buildings for Argonne National Laboratory from 1993 until 2000 and was on the research staff at Argonne from 1975-1980 and 1992-2000. His work included the leadership of a multidisciplinary team specializing in energy efficient building rehabilitation and the global climate change impacts of energy conservation. The team has worked directly with low-income community development organizations, public housing authorities, and local government agencies interested creating economic growth in low-income communities while reducing pollution emissions.

Dr. Cavallo has worked closely with the federal departments of Housing and Urban Development and Energy in creating workshops to teach innovative strategies to capture healthy conservation opportunities. He also has been a frequent contributor of journal and magazine articles on energy conservation, rehab strategies for healthy housing, and pollution prevention. His articles have appeared in publications such as the Journal of Housing and Community Development and Home Energy Magazine.

Dr. Cavallo maintains memberships in RESNET, the U.S. Green Building Council , the Midwest Building Performance Association, the American Economic Association, and the Illinois Association of Energy Raters. He is an EPA Energy Star Homes Partner and is active in the Affordable Comfort conference. He is active in several civic and political organizations in DuPage County, Illinois and a member of the Downers Grove Environmental Concerns Commission.

Joanne M. Kouba, Ph.D., R.D. is co-owner of Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc. She is an assistant professor of food and nutrition in the School of Nursing at Loyola University Chicago and the director of the University's dietetic internship program. She holds a doctorate in public health from the School of Public Health of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Kouba has published widely in journals and newsletters on clinical dietetics and community nutrition. She was the editor of Dietitians in Nutrition Support, a special practice newsletter, from 1985 until 1989. She has been the principal investigator of research grants from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention under which she worked with WIC centers in Chicago to evaluate and improve services provided to low-income mothers and infants

Dr. Kouba is a registered dietitian and a member of the American Dietetic Association and the West Suburban Dietetic Association.


For additional information, contact James Cavallo, Ph.D., Principal, at 630 971-2016 or send e-mail to cavallo@Kouba-Cavallo.com.

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