Measuring Homes for Energy Assessments

Before we start, let's think about how the results of our measurement will be used.

Insulation contractors will use our results in several ways. They will use the perimeter of the house to determine how much insulation is needed for the rim joist. They will also use the area of the attic, which is often the same square footage as the footprint of the house, to determine the amount of insulation needed for the attic. And they will need to know the net wall area if they are going to dense pack the walls.

Furnace contractors will use the occupiable square footage to calculate the right size for the furnace and air conditioner.

In addition, analysts will use the floor space of the house to analyze past energy bills or to evaluate the savings from the weatherization work, and they will need the volume of the conditioned space to calculate the air leakage rates.


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