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Making a Draft Dodger, or Snake, to keep out drafts. Click on this link, search for Draft Dodger, and view video

Tools to Estimate Refrigerator or Freezer Energy Usage

A Resident's Guide to Cold Weather Energy Savings

A Resident's Guide to Warm Weather Energy Savings

A Resident's Guide to Year Round Energy Savings

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - reducing energy waste in residential lighting

Phantom Load: Here is a tool to find out if you are leaking electricity

Blower Doors Don't Spread Lead: Results of a test in Milwaukee

Home Energy Ratings and Energy or Environmental Audits

Comparing Your House to Others

Resident's Handbook on Energy Efficient Multifamily Buildings in the Midwest

Resident's Handbook in Spanish

Energy Savers Booklet from the U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Savers Booklet in Spanish


For additional information, contact James Cavallo, Ph.D.,Principal, at 630 971-2016 or send e-mail to cavallo@Kouba-Cavallo.com.

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