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Tools to Estimate Refrigerator or Freezer Energy Usage

An article on innovative approaches that can lead to affordable zero energy urban housing

Home Energy Ratings and Energy or Environmental Audits

ACEEE 2002 Summer Study Paper: Evaluating Alternative Simple Rules for Choosing Refrigerators to Replace

Western Illinois Electric Coop Sponsors HERS Program

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - reducing energy waste in residential lighting

Phantom Load: Here is a tool to find out if you are leaking electricity

Blower Doors Don't Spread Lead: Results of a test in Milwaukee

Comparing Your House to Others

Refrigerator Replacement Paper Presented at 2001 International Energy Program Evaluation Conference

Refrigerator Monitoring Paper Presented at ACEEE 2000 Summer Buildings Conference

Monitoring Refrigerator Energy Use: Simplifying the Methods


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