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Do you know when your refrigerator was manufactured? Here is a little help.

Below you can discover the year of manufacture of some refrigerator brands produced for the American consumer market. To discover the year, you must choose a brand from the pop-up list and enter the model and serial numbers of your refrigerator. The brand name of your refrigerator should be on the front door. The model and serial numbers will be on the refrigerator nameplate. Most nameplates are either on the wall of the fresh food compartment or on the frame of refrigerator near the floor.

Appliance Brand:


Place your cursor in the Model Number and Serial Number boxes below, delete the numbers that are there now, and replace with the model and serial numbers from your refrigerator. When typing in the model and serial numbers of the refrigerator, use only capital letters.


Model Number:


Serial Number:

How can you tell the model number? Check the nameplate. The nameplate usually is inside the food storage compartment or near the floor on the front frame.


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