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Services Offered:

Development of Training Workshops
Monitoring and Verification of Energy and Environmental Projects
Energy and Environmental Auditing and Home Energy Ratings
Consulting Services and Regulatory or Advocacy Support
Technical Writing and Project Documentation


Description of Services:

Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc. is experienced in developing training workshops for personnel of public housing authorities, for construction and housing staff at Indian housing authorities and with community development organizations, and for residents seeking to develop skills and jobs in weatherization and environmentally sustainable businesses. With Siemens Building Technology and the Tallahassee Housing Authority, we have created a resident energy education team to reduce energy use and improve resident comfort. Within the U.S. Department of Energy's Rebuild America program, we have developed, coordinated, and presented training on the energy incentive rules and procedures of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to public housing authority staff and energy services companies. With the Wisconsin Energy Bureau, we have trained staff at a housing authority to audit and weatherize their buildings. For Native American reservations, we created and presented a workshop for the construction and housing staff on approaches to rehab that reduce adverse health impacts and save energy. With the Chicago Housing Authority, we have trained residents to provide weatherization and minor maintenance services, from which the residents created a community-based business. As part of a HUD workshop on the environmental components of housing rehabilitation, we presented sessions on energy conservation. And with the Illlinois Weatherization Program, we have conducted a training workshop on heat transfer and energy efficiency measures.

Monitoring and verification has been a strength of our personnel. By careful yet cost-effective monitoring, we have defined the expected energy savings associated with baseload electricity reductions at housing authorities in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh. The innovative monitoring methods were presented in an article in Home Energy Magazine (see the May/June 2000 issue) and at the 1999 International Energy Program Evaluation conference. We have also verified the energy reductions of appliance replacement programs. Our verification methods are described in a paper presented at the 2000 Efficiency and Sustainability conference of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). With the Wisconsin Energy Bureau, we have monitored refrigerators of weatherization clients and at a recycling center to identify good rules for choosing units to remove and replace, with our results presented at the 2002 ACEEE Summer Study. Our environmental monitoring includes the testing of indoor air quality at Olympia School District in central Illinois.

Closely associated with our monitoring and verification services, Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc. provides energy and environmental auditing to owners and operators of multifamily buildings. Our auditing is action-oriented and will deliver a list of cost-effective measures that can be implemented to improve the comfort of residents, reduce adverse health impacts, and lower energy bills. We also conduct home energy ratings for builders and homeowners looking to certify their homes under the EPA Energy Star Homes program or to take advantage of energy efficient mortgages or energy improvement mortgages. We are a certified home energy rater within RESNET and an ally of EPA's Energy Star Homes program.

In addition to training and technical assistance to housing and community developers, Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc. offers consulting services and regulatory or advocacy support to clients interested in creating healthy affordable housing and economically viable communities. We will be pleased to research energy-related topics and testify before regulatory bodies on energy or environmental issues and opportunities to prevent pollution through the use of sustainable technologies. We also will research and write advocacy material - white papers, magazine articles, op-ed pieces, and web content.

Our services include technical writing and project documentation to carry the results of successful housing and community development efforts to a wider audience. We have published extensively in trade journals that are read widely by housing professionals and environmentally conscious policymakers. Expert photography is an important part of any project documentation, and we have proven expertise in technical photography that will be used in print articles, agency reports, and web pages. Dr. Cavallo is an Associate Editor of Home Energy Magazine.

For additional information, contact James Cavallo, Ph.D., Principal, at 630 971-2016 or send e-mail to cavallo@Kouba-Cavallo.com.

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